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Our Story

How it all got started...

Zara is the "pretty pitty" behind our company name... She was not our first bully child - we have had the pleasure of having two others in our family until their final days & of course they each made a lasting impression on us. These dogs are what motivated us to start this adventure.

Zara is a typical spoiled pup & we are always looking for great products for her (from unique dog toys & tasty treats to other high quality accessories) You know that feeling you get when you've found something truly great & you just have to share it with all the other pups you know? Well that's what happened to us...

Hence Zarabull & Co. Inc began in 2018

Our first steps;

While there are always products that we think are "cute" or seem to be "durable enough" we were both impressed & excited when we came across GoughNuts dog toys over the summer of 2018. After meeting the owners/manufacturers and hearing about the safety features built into their products we could sense the care they have for the dogs they are creating these toys for. This was when we knew this was the product we wanted to start with and to have as the key block in our company's foundation.  

September 2018 our first shipment arrived and we couldn't be any happier/prouder to be the exclusive Canadian distributor for GoughNuts. We have no regrets building our company around this brand. As we share the product and information/reviews spread these tough toys continue to pop up in boutique shops throughout Canada - so keep your eyes open for them near you! 

This brand offers safe & durable dog toys for all breeds with special emphasis on power chewers to learn more view the GoughNuts tab at the top menu. We know your pups will "GOUGHNUTS" over them!

And then we were "ALL-IN"

This adventure of running our own business, ensuring we have the best products to offer and having fun with our dog in the process has allowed us to create our own version of a  "dream job" - what else could anyone ask for?  So we have kept working tirelessly to promote our new company, the products we carry & staying on the look out for the right addition(s) to our line-up.

With any product we consider many factors before carrying them and of course they have to be tested by Zara herself or a member of our power-chew test-pack... which is where SODAPUP toys came into the picture at the end of 2018.  After seeing a few of their toys chewed on, tossed and filled with various treats by some canine friends over several months we felt this brand would make for a great compliment to what we already had going. We introduced them at the Ottawa & Toronto Pet Expos (November) and are looking forward to having them make their way to retail locations.

Of course we like to help out too!

We like to pair up with rescues, organizations or individuals trying to make a difference for dogs that need a little extra care. From product donations, portion of sales directives or assisting at events we like to be a part of the good in the canine world, If there is a registered rescue / organization you think needs a hand (or paw) let us know!  

Click here to view our "Let's Help Rescues" tab to see ways your purchases can help or request support at an event.

As we continue;

We enjoy sharing our passion for dogs (especially the bully breeds) and of course the great toys we have to offer with retailers, breeders, trainers & anyone else we can connect with. We appreciate feedback and carefully consider it. Hearing right from the dog owners who are always looking for something new for their power chewers as well as checking in with the retail locations that offer the brands we distribute are both vital so that we can keep sniffing out products to suit the dogs needs.

You can follow us on Instagram @zara._.bull to stay up to date on the products available and of course share your photos/reviews with us!

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