Zarabull & Co is the Canadian home of Goughnuts dog toys 

Goughnuts in a doughnut box

GoughNuts Dog Toys

Zarabull & Co. is proud to be the Exclusive Canadian Distributor of this safe/ durable toy brand!

The GoughNuts Original Rings & Sticks contain a patent pending visual indicator system which promote safe play. By implementing the visual indicator (red inner color) dog owners can clearly see if the GoughNuts’ integrity has been compromised. They followed the basic known concept of “Green means GO and Red means STOP!” when coming up with the idea. Although over time they have expanded their exterior color selections the concept stayed the same. If you should see the red inner layer /core of the toy you should remove it from your dog and contact us for a replacement as we would no longer consider it ideal for play or safe for use as a chew toy. In order for the “GoughNuts’ Safety Indicator” to be functional the chew toy itself needs to have really durable characteristics - the manufacturers 30+ years of engineering & rubber technology experience has resulted in a nearly indestructible product! Please note in order to be safe for play/chewing no toy is created dense enough to be indestructible as that would require the rubber formula to be too hard and could result in damage to your dogs teeth/jaw - even the densest GoughNuts product will pass the "rule of thumb" test most veterinarians reference

For Puppies: GoughNuts Lite rings are designed for the comfort of your dog. This line is for teething, interactive play and as an introduction level to the more dense GoughNuts product line. A swirl of a secondary color was added on the Lite line to indicate that the red safety indicator core does not existing inside and this toy is not designed for destructive / power chewers. These Lite rings have a narrower diameter which allows for easier carry function and play and also appeals to the smaller breed dogs.

For the active dog: There are several interactive toy options available; work to eat options, disc, ball, water stick (hollow core) & tugs in two sizes.

While they are all designed with safety in mind we wanted to highlight the GoughNuts ball. It has a special design to it which makes it stand out from others – it has a multi-axis grove system that may help your dog breathe in an emergency situation of throat blockage. Spherical objects or balls can be a safety hazard for the reason of throat blockage. The groove system does allow some air flow space around the ball itself. It bounces, floats and is sure to be a hit with your pup, but because of this groove system the ball is considered to contain weak points therefore is on the interactive list not the power chewer list.

... oh and don't forget about the GoughNuts mats! These are great for the dog and  dog parent, vet clinic, store front, daycare, kennel and everything in between

Why do they stand out from the pack?

  • Natural Rubber (from a rubber tree)
  • Made in the USA
  • Safe Play design features
  • Majority of them float

I wonder...


Common questions / Warnings

Why does some rubber have a white dust/ haze on it?

That white stuff is called "bloom" and is a normal to see from a natural rubber product. Sometimes this is engineered into the rubber to help protect the rubber from dry rot. This white bloom is commonly seen on Hunter Rubber boots and other high quality natural rubber products. In certain conditions, insoluble particles may rise to the surface, there is nothing to worry about. It will not affect the performance or durability of the toy. If you do not like the visual appearance the bloom can be cleaned / removed from the surface - however under regular play it will be worked off. 


Do the colors really matter?

Yes they do! The dual color toys are for teething pups/light chewers and interactive play only. The solid colors (green, orange and yellow) are for adult dogs whom enjoy chewing - regular chew power. The black line is for the heavier chewers as this is a denser option compared to alternate colors. The PRO50 formula (has yellow dot indication) is the densest option available and ideal for extreme chewers. The shape should also be selected based on your dogs chew level and purpose of the toy (reward, retrieval option, play time or for chew sessions)


Safety reminder:

These toys have been designed to be fun & safe - please remember CORRECT SIZING is as important as any safety feature. Choose a toy that is a "bit big" in your dogs mouth. As a rule make sure the chew toy is larger in size than the distance between your dogs back molars when measuring across the jaw. This rule is set to help avoid choking on a toy that is simply too small for your dog to safely play with.