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SODA flavor?

Treat dispenser toys can be filled with kibble to help slow down dogs that "speed eat" or load it up just for fun with their favourite treats or paste; be it peanut butter or banana-mash


Treat Dispenser Toys

Offering this brand to retailers in Canada!

Dogs & especially puppies explore by mouthing and chewing. It’s a natural instinct. When you provide toys that allow dogs to chew, you provide stimulation and challenge – and thus allow them to express their instinct for chewing on something other than household/personal items. This type of stimulation / distraction can help with crate training, separation anxiety as well chewing issues due to boredom. That’s where SODAPUP toys come in!

True Dogs/ SodaPup Toys thinks it matters what you put in your dog’s mouth – so they use natural rubber. Natural rubber comes from trees and is a renewable resource. Their product contains only FDA-compliant-ingredients,  they are non-toxic and biodegradable. Their toys are made with a proprietary natural rubber compound call PuppyPrene. It is specially formulated to provide a combination of durability and flexibility and available in 3 formulations to suit various stages/ needs of the dogs in our lives;

1) Puppy Rubber: This compound is specially formulated for teething puppies, It is an exceptionally soft compound that is gentle on sore gums while still providing durability for developing jaws. This compound comes in pink.

2) Average Chewer: Our original compound is designed for average chewers and provides the perfect combination of durability and chewiness for the broadest range of dogs. This is the best choice for most adult dogs. This compound comes in various fun colors.

3) Magnum: The compound is our toughest rubber. Available only in black, our magnum compound has special additives that give the material added elasticity and tear resistance.

It's important to choose the right compound for your dog as well as the right size toy. No dog toy is indestructible, however SODAPUP toys are tooth tested and hold up to the majority of dogs and they have been Veterinary approved in the States. We advise you always supervise your dog(s) while they are playing with any toys including the SODAPUP line/other products available through our site. Inspect toys frequently and remove damaged toys.  

By the way these toys are DISHWASHER SAFE!
That means they can be used when feeding a raw diet


Small: suitable for dogs up to 15lbs

Medium: suitable for fogs 10-35lbs

Large: suitable for dogs 30-65lbs

XL: suitable for dogs 60-90lbs

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"I had so much fun playing with my new pink soda can dog toy - it's so durable, even for me!"


The Pink Pup Princess of Toronto

"Even our pup is in need of his morning cup of coffee from Zarabull & Co. & SODAPUP can toys"


Coffee Connoisseurs 

The can toy was recently used to slow down dinner when this pup was overly wired in the evening - happy to see it in action Winnie!


Just a Cute Puppy

Same quality toys now in new styles for even more fun!

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It's tough to choose between the all their tasty flavors!

Zara's current favourite is: BACON & KALE

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